The purpose of the establishment of HST is not only to increase commercial success and profitability.

In addition to our commercial success, our desire to create a new R&D-centered approach in the software and informatics sector with our country’s brainpower and internationally expert partners and our belief to be successful with our unique style has been our greatest motivation. All policies and structures in HST, including target customers, career policy, business development approach and organizational structure, are designed to enable us to continue as an R&D company. We take care to participate in innovative projects that will support our work and contribute to its continuity.

It is a software company that comes from the combination of the words HST

It was founded by a young, dynamic and highly educated team of engineers. As an R&D company, we have been working with unconventional alternative solutions and targets by defining the goals and values in the software and informatics sector accurately and clearly.

We achieved the chemistry we wanted with the interaction and common sense of
our team.

HST started with the work of a professional team in the field to ensure that the communal living space managers realize the projects in the most modern and efficient way. Our greatest strength is, “ Our team is with you to find instant solutions and only does this job. If there is a matter you want to consult, the real team will take care of you, not the robots that give automatic answers at HST, and your dreams will come true as soon as possible.