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Corporate trust and escrow services

Strategic Administrative Part

Over the years we have become a reliable third party for many law firms and financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, private equity compamies) for escrow services for all kinds of assets

Our escrow services include

Corporate Trust Services

Our range of corporate trust services also covers the management of trusts and trust administration. Such corporate trusts are implemented via the temporary (99 year’s max.) ownership transfer of assets or rights in a dedicated estate managed by a corporate trustee. Banks or debt funds require the setup of such trusts to efficiently secure credit repayment. It also provides corporate borrowers with better access to debt capital, especially when time is at a premium (Collateral Corporate Trusts). Alternatively, such transfers aim at monitoring the management of assets via a reputable third party manager for a wide variety of situations (family company shareholding issues, transition management needs, special account cash management, Real Estate SPV etc.) (Management Corporate Trusts).

Our corporate trust services include