What exactly do we aim to achieve in the field of Cybersecurity?

At HST Cybersecurity, our mission is to deliver essential information and state-of-the-art equipment to empower system and network experts within your organization, enabling precise execution of IT operations and robust security services for businesses
Our cybersecurity engineers specialize in consultancy services, where they establish targets and discuss the methodology, tools for vulnerability detection on target systems, exploit codes for system capture, and web application testing. We operate in sectors with strict data security regulations that mandate direct control over safeguarding information.

Our All Services

Managed Security Services (MSS)

HST GLOBAL offers a comprehensive range of Managed Security Services (MSS) that encompass applications, networks, endpoints, data, end users, infrastructure, clouds, perimeters, and more. With various service levels available, Capgemini can proactively monitor your networks to detect, identify, and respond to both known and unknown threats, effectively preventing successful attacks. Our real-time and offline analysis of multiple data sources, combined with a deep understanding of the context, ensures accurate and complete insights. The core MSS offerings include

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