With HST Cybersecurity, we aim to provide the necessary information and equipment in order to ensure that the domains of the system and network experts in your organization, IT operations and security services in businesses are carried out as accurately.
While cyber security engineers set their targets within the scope of consultancy; The methodology to be used, tools to detect vulnerabilities on the target system, exploit codes to capture systems and tests for web applications will be discussed. We work in sectors where direct control over data security is required due to legal requirements.


Managed Security Services (MSS)

HST GLOBAL provides a wide range of MSS offerings covering your applications, networks, endpoints, data, end users, infrastructure, clouds, perimeters, and more, all with a range of service levels. Capgemini can also monitor your networks to help you detect, identify, and respond to a multitude of known and unknown threats, enabling you to prevent attacks from succeeding. We provide both real-time and offline analysis of multiple sources of data, and our insights are further enhanced by a thorough understanding of the context, enabling us to provide accurate and complete information. The core MSS offerings include: