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HST develops bespoke software solutions tailored to address your business’s specific requirements, when off-the-shelf software falls short. Our team of developers specializes in designing, building, and maintaining a wide range of applications, including corporate social networks, recruitment platforms, payment and billing systems, scheduling systems, banking solutions, educational apps, and other intelligent and secure solutions customized to your needs.

Custom Development

Business requirements are constantly evolving, so we use an agile approach to support and encourage these natural course changes. Our approach paints a sharp contrast to the fixed scope, change-order driven constructs commonplace in outsourced development.

Requirements Gathering

Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to establish a blueprint for an efficient system that meets your precise needs. Our goal is to assist you in defining a minimum viable product, representing the initial usable form of your application

Writing Solution Modules

We break down your requirements into smaller parts called “solution modules,” which define the individual pieces of work necessary to achieve the desired results. This approach helps us gauge the overall scope of the project.

Estimating Time and Costs

The time and cost estimate for your new application is based on the estimations for each module. By summing up the estimates, we can determine the estimated completion date. The flexibility of our process allows for modules to be added or modified at any stage.

Adding Tasks to the Backlog

Before development begins, we meticulously add all solution modules to the product backlog, a comprehensive list of requirements for your product. This includes essential features, bug fixes, and other necessary elements that contribute to delivering a successful and functional product.

The Result

By following this process, we ensure higher quality in the final product, adaptability to changes, more accurate estimation without excessive time investment, and greater project schedule and state control. You can rely on us to deliver a product that meets your expectations and business goals.
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